Talking and sharing our thoughts and prayers


Letter to my Church family at St. Andrew’s


Dear all,


First of all, a big thank you to all of you who have kept in touch with me during the past weeks.  Thank you also for the many flowers, cards and gifts I have received.


Although I have good days, knowing that I am in your prayers, helps to sustain me through the days when the pain is bad.


The hospital is keeping in touch with me on a regular basis by phone.  I can also ring if I am feeling ill, or worried about anything, but at present I have no real news about my biopsies as this kind of information can only be given out face to face.


I am continuing to read morning and evening prayer and the readings for the day.  This is a good time to remember all those members of our church family who need our prayers.  Especially we remember Walter who is going through a difficult time after the loss of Anna.  


There are so many of our close friends who are also looking after relatives, or who have recently been ill themselves and again we need to keep all these in mind in our prayers.  I have been keeping in touch with many of our church family members and all of my study group friends.  


It is often difficult when we are cut off from outside contact for a long time and worried about what the future may hold.  It is at times like these that we need to hold on to our trust in God and his care for us, his children.


Here is a short prayer for all the St. Andrew’s family:


Heavenly Father we pray for all those who are sick 

All those who have no one to help them

Bless our hospitals and our doctors and nurses

Comfort all who are in pain and

For all we ask for your loving care,

Supply their needs and comfort their hearts through Jesus Christ our Lord


Jackie Blackburn.


Hi Supo

Many thanks for your email.

Firstly, I would like to send love and hugs to Walter on his sad loss, Anna will be greatly missed.

I am missing everyone at church and pray that all are spared at this time.

If anyone needs shopping or medication and can't get out, I will help. I have not been to the food bank offices where I write the newsletter and take any food donated, due to government advice and as church is closed, there are no donations to take. There is a donation trolley in ASDA Morley and one in Morrisons, should anyone have donations to give.

How uplifting was the applause for our brave NHS staff on Thursday. Also the mass volunteers for both the NHS and Voluntary Action Leeds (who now have more than 2000 volunteers awaiting deployment). Many people in this nation have stepped up to help in all sorts of ways and we love them for that.