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  • Welcome to St Andrew's Church...

    We are part of the Morley Team Ministry, together with our team churches St Paul’s and St Peter’s, Morley. We are a vibrant Anglican Church, DISCOVERING God's purpose in our community and in all the places we are called to serve. SHARING the love of Jesus in words and in actions through forming good relationships within the community. BELONGING to a worshipping community of faith that love and care for each other especially those who are new members.

    Over the past few months, we have not been able to gather together for worship or to meet socially. A global pandemic, government regulations and a desire to serve each other and society have kept us from gathering. Instead, some of us have connected to services” online,  and met virtually” through online video conferences. This a time when we are challenged in our commitment to Christ.

    The day we have all been waiting for is now finally here. The government has announced that places of worship can now be open for worship from 4 July 2020. As a Church, we want to turn to God during this difficult period in the life of the Church. We can take courage in the fact that we can be socially distanced and still worship together and stay active in God’s mission in our community and in the world. During this time, we are called to be still, to listen to God’s voice and reaffirm who we are as we join in God’s mission in the world.

    However, our service will not be like before the pandemic. It will feel strange. We have to endure restrictions and protocols that are awkward, inconvenient, and frustrating. But, even with all these, we give thanks to God for His grace and mercy on us and giving us the opportunity to be together again. St Andrew's will open for worship from next Sunday 12 July 2020. Our Wednesday Holy Communion Service will start from the first Wednesday in September (02/09/2020) and our our fortnightly prayer fellowship meeting will also start on Monday 7 September 2020.

    For everyone’s safety and in accordance with the government directives we will expect the following from you:

    * Bring your own hand sanitiser to avoid touching anyone else’s.

    * Bring a face mask to wear in the Church. This is very important. It is NOT about you, it is about keeping and making others feel safe.

    * Keep social distance in the Church.

    * Follow any instructions as directed by the usher/sides person.

    * If you wish to take communion, please bring your bread and wine in a small container. If you wish, you may also be able to receive the bread from the priest but not the communion wine.

    • After the service there will an opportunity to socialise for a short time at the Hall but no refreshments will be served. You will still be expected to keep social distancing at all times.
    • If you think you have Coronavirus symptoms and you have been tested positive after you have been to our Church service, you must notify me immediately so that we can take all the necessary actions.

    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 12 July at 10am. You may not be able to return to Church right away. You might need to exercise caution for yourself or those you love. You might need to keep watching from a distance for a while. Please remember that there is no pressure on you to attend the service if you’re not ready yet or do not feel safe enough to mix with others in public. It is very important that you do not come if you’re feeling unwell.

    A warm welcome awaits you at all of our services or events. We try to live by the teaching of Jesus to love God and love each other. If you’re new to Bruntcliffe, Morley and looking to join a lively, friendly Church, come along to one of our services and say hello. Perhaps you’re exploring faith and have some questions – do drop in and speak to one of our team members – we’d love to chat with you.

    If you’re interested in having a christening or wedding service at St Andrew's – please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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